Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics

Fall 2013

  • Mariama Rebello Sousa Dias:
Quasi-ballistic transport of Dirac fermions in a Bi2Se3 nanowire

Topological Signatures in the Electronic Structure of Graphene Spirals

Controlled Dephasing of an Electron Interferometerwith a Path Detector at Equilibrium

Superconductor-Nanowire Devices from Tunneling to the Multichannel Regime: Zero-Bias Oscillations and Magnetoconductance Crossover

Epitaxial aluminum contacts to InAs nanowires


Summer 2012

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Electronic liquid crystalline phases in a spin-orbit coupled two-dimensional electron gas

Topological insulators and superconductors

Spring 2012

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  • Ginetom Diniz — Experimental Demonstration of Spin Geometric Phase: Radius Dependence of Time-Reversal Aharonov-Casher Oscillations
PRL 108, 086801 (2012).pdf

Fall-Winter 2011-2012

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Viewpoint - Unraveling Electron Chirality in Graphene.pdf
supplementary material.pdf

Colloquium- Andreev reflection and Klein tunneling in graphene.pdf

Many-body interactions in quasi-freestanding graphene

Observation of Spin-Selective Tunneling in SiGe Nanocrystals

Phase diagram of the anisotropic multichannel Kondo Hamiltonian revisited, by Avi Schiller and L. De Leo. PhysRevB.77.075114.pdf